Assistance for restructuring
debt situation

Our goal is to provide complete assistance to legal advisors and entrepreneurs in debt restructuring transactions also with tax and contribution transactions, within a legal instrument appropriate to the situation of the company.

QUIVER Partners have adequate and proven professional skills, acquired and consolidated in years of activity and experience in the field, for the various areas of action, such as to allow an immediate and coordinated intervention on all variables. More precisely:

  • the development and identification of the most appropriate legal instrument for the specific situation of the company
  • the development of the plan within the instrument identified to overcome the crisis situation, with collateral examination of the stress tests
  • the analysis and reclassification of the liabilities of the company or group, with the subdivision of its stratification between the different categories (unsecured, privileged, predictable) as well as the examination and quantification of liabilities and potential risks
  • verification, in cases where it is admitted, of the viability and feasibility of the institution of the tax and contribution transaction
  • the management of tax disputes with the competent offices within the framework of the instrument identified to face and overcome the crisis
  • negotiation with credit institutions and other financial operators in order to reach preparatory agreements for the feasibility of the solutions identified
  • analysis of the assets of the company or group with a physical inventory of assets and warehouses, estimation of the main assets (companies and / or business units, equity investments, brands, licenses, certifications, credits, properties, plants and equipment, movable goods and warehouse stocks) and their presumed timing of realization by reason of the technical-legal instrument For the real estate, movable and warehouse part Quiver avails itself of the collaboration of a pool of experts whose reliability is guaranteed by years of experience in restructuring practices
  • the management and reorganization of human resources through adequate and functional strategic solutions, always consistent with the technical and legal instrument identified
  • verification of the contracts and commitments made by the customer, aimed at finding the most suitable solutions based on the technical tool identified to deal with the company crisis situation.