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QUIVER is a team of practitioners structured to collaborate with each other in a coordinated and dynamic way, with complementary skills, experience in dealing with and managing highly complex problems in economic and financial situations that present extreme difficulties, guiding the customer to achieve the best goal with flexibility and efficiency.

QUIVER Partners have a historical and consolidated experience in the following areas:

  • corporate and tax consultancy and assistance
  • work advice
  • advice and assistance to the debtor or creditor in the context of debt restructuring procedures, also in the pre-insolvency phase
  • assignments by the judicial authority
  • Independent financial advice to individuals and companies supervised by OCF / CONSOB
a team of professional
a team of professionals

The objectives of the QUIVER Partners are mainly aimed at offering an immediate and coordinated intervention covering the various areas of specialization in order to:

  • provide complete assistance to legal advisors and entrepreneurs in restructuring operations, within the legal instrument best suited to the company’s situation
  • take on assignments as independent experts for the certification of restructuring plans and composition with creditors
  • provide assistance in the acquisition, sale and / or evaluation of companies and shareholdings
  • search for tax, financial, corporate planning and employee management solutions
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30 Years of

QUIVER is a team of professionals working in the corporate restructuring sector working in close complementarity.

The competence and professionalism of people from different backgrounds, with many years of experience, has created a great resource, versatile and effective, at the service of businesses.

QUIVER has a vision aimed at overcoming situations of economic and financial tension, having great flexibility in thinking, evaluating and operating. Professional skills are broad but specific, because each member of the group has proven skills in distinct areas: labor law, corporate, tax, financial and judicial (which are the basis of corporate restructuring and recovery).

Being a network intended as a cohesive group of professionals and operating accordingly is not only our characteristic but above all our added value. Because each of the professionals present in the team that works in close relationship and sharing with all the others represents a specific know-how. A plurality of knowledge capable of dedicating different solutions and resources to each type of company capable of always achieving a useful, significant and important result.





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