A versatile

QUIVER is a team of practitioners who work in the corporate restructuring sector and work in close complementarity. The experience and professionalism of people from different professional backgrounds has created a great resource, versatile and effective, at the service of businesses.

QUIVER supports the entrepreneur by acting as economic and financial advisor for the preparation of plans aimed at achieving the strategic objectives of the company.

QUIVER has the specific purpose of highlighting specific warning signals by offering the entrepreneur solutions aimed at the timely restructuring and recovery of the company in crisis.

versatile tool
dynamic vision

A dynamic

QUIVER has a vision aimed at overcoming situations of economic and financial tension, having great flexibility in thinking, evaluating and operating. Professional skills are broad but specific, because each member of the group has proven skills in distinct areas: labor law, corporate, tax, financial and judicial (which are the basis of corporate restructuring and recovery).

Dynamism, professionalism and experience are tools that together increase the problem-solving skills by directing choices aimed at recovering and creating value.

A precise

QUIVER carries out economic, asset and financial analyzes aimed at addressing and managing highly complex problems, even in extremely difficult situations. It proposes a guided, flexible and efficient path, with which the customer will achieve the set objectives.

QUIVER not only deals with business crises but also offers its skills to companies that need specific advice (e.g. reorganisations, generational and successor transfers, corporate and group structures, trusts and much more …).

Being a network, understood as a cohesive group of professionals and operating accordingly, is not only one of our characteristics but it is the best answer to our customers today and tomorrow. Because each of the professionals present in the team that works in close relationship and sharing with all the others represents a specific know-how. A plurality of knowledge capable of dedicating different solutions and resources to each type of company capable of always achieving a useful, significant and important result

precise goal