PARTNERStefania Goffi

Institutional positions

  • Member of the Real Estate Executions Study and Work Group at Odcec in Turin
  • Member of the Study and Work Group on Over-indebtedness at Odcec in Turin
  • Skills and Activities
  • Qualifications

Assistance to companies in crisis

Over the years, the writer has gained experience in the reorganization and renovation of companies in crisis with their access to insolvency procedures such as: Restructuring Agreements, Certifications, Concordat Plans, Tax Transactions.

The writer has carried out and provides assistance to companies in non-fallible crises, professionals and consumers in crisis for access to over-indebtedness procedures, debt restructuring and consumer plans.

Corporate and tax advice

The writer carries out activities of:

  • Consulting, coordination and collaboration in administrative compulsory procedures
  • Corporate consultancy•

Advisor for the Transfer and Rental of Company branches

  • Executor (with appointments received from Notaries)

Judicial appointments

The writer has received over 250 judicial assignments from the Courts, including:

  • Bankruptcy trustee and Special trustee in procedures declared by the Court of: Turin, Ivrea, Alessandria, Pinerolo (with assignments concerning companies operating in different sectors such as: Automotive; such as, for example, Brandizzo Srl plants; Industrial plant engineering; Construction, Trucking; Supervision; Food, Parapharmacy; Real estate, Commerce in general)
  • Judicial Commissioner and Judicial Liquidator (with assignments regarding companies operating in the sector of: Automotive, such as for example Industria TAGEO SpA of Villastellone, or Industrial plant engineering, such as for example CAST-MECCANICA SpA; Wholesale trade in the food sector such as ROSSO SpA of Turin)
  • Crisis Manager for small non-fallible businesses, for professionals and Start-ups in over-indebtedness
  • Judicial custodian
  • Delegated sales professional in real estate execution procedures appointed by the Court of: Turin, Ivrea, Asti and Alessandria
  • Curator of lying inheritances
  • Judge’s Technical Consultant in criminal matters: corporate crimes, usury and in civil matters in the area of: corporate (company branches evaluation; equity investments evaluation; banking; tax, professional liability and labor matters)
  • Accountant and Commercial Expert
  • Specialized degree in Economics and Management
  • Registered in the Order of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Experts of Turin on 11/10/1990, Section A, No. 1154
  • Auditor registered in the Register of Auditors at No. 110500

Conferences and recent activities

  • Speaker at Odcec Turin on bankruptcy procedures – Issues and indications for the sale of photovoltaic systems
  • Rapporteur on delegated real estate sales to the training course carried out by the Turin Bar Association – The Installment Payment Ex Dl 83/2015: Conditions and Conditions – Forfeiture of the successful tenderer: Conditions and Effects – Release of occupied buildings with title opposed to the procedure
  • Speaker at the conference organized in collaboration with Unicredit S.p.A. on judicial real estate sales – How to participate in an auction
Stefania Goffi

Stefania Goffi

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